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What exactly is a Spisherbocker? It's an absolute figment, pure poppycock, utter hogwash. It's a made up word with no meaning at all. And that was the intention.

When our kids reached the age of name-calling, they chose some pretty foul language. In an attempt to curb their affinity for cursing, I told them that they could call each other anything they wanted, so long as it was a made up word. And thus, Spisherbocker was born. In our house, it may have started as a slur, but it's evolved into something of a team name. No matter who says it, we all know that if you're talking about a Spisherbocker, you're talking about one of us!

Spisherbocker Books opens the door to curiosity, creativity, and community.

We are a celebration of the literary experience, from the emporium to the page. Offering a curated selection of printed works, accessories and ephemera, we bring the wonders of literature to life.

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